P102 - 5000ml Bucket

5ltr Bucket

This plastic bucket has a capacity of 5 liters and works in the same ways as the rest of our tamper-evident containers, once the lid has been attached it can then only be removed by breaking the tamper-evident tab on the side. This type of containers is ideal when food security and traceability is desired.



-          Food approved PP material

-          5000ml packaging volume

-          IML Decorated (Optional for both bucket and lid)

-          Break-away tamper-evident tab

-          Plastic Handle (Optional)

-          Suitable for food and non-food products

-          Leak proof

-          Stackable for convenient & safe storage

-          Safe to be chilled, microwave and reused

-          Any colour available upon request based on minimum order quantities

-          It could be used for packaging of Yoghurt, Zalatina, etc..