Automation Systems

Automation Systems

Our engineering team is also focused on the design & manufacturing of smart automation systems and machines in order to improve our manufacturing processes, increase production output and ensure safety.

Latest control technology such as PLC-HMI and SCADA systems, advanced network communications, servo & stepper motors, variable frequency drives, various types of sensors and switches, pneumatic and hydraulic technology is used to make automation process simple, accurate, efficient and cost-effective.

Everything is exclusively carried out in-house by our engineering team, inluding the whole design, electronics programming, electrical wiring, parts manufacturing, final assembly and commissioning.

We are proud that almost all peripheral machinery running in our factory such as material auto-loaders, IML servo robots, sprue pickers, labeling, bagging, assembly and packaging machines were designed and manufactured in-house by our excellent team of engineers.

We have also successfully helped some of our customers to solve technical production problems at their sites upon request.